Story - Stunning sixteen years of KBJ group

In 2021, the company will complete sixteen years as a family-owned business. It was started back in 2005 as KBJ Jewellery. The KBG group's key success feature was that they acquired the best quality craftsmen across the country. They mainly aim to manufacture jewelry that is a perfect blend of trends and tradition in great harmony. Under the jewelry domain, the company produces e-Gold, Platinum, and Silver jewelry and also deals in bullion and allied products.

Back in 2009, the KBG group started a new niche known as KBJ bullion. They had the vision to optimize bullion purchase, sale, and trading as efficiently as possible. The family legacy has dramatically benefited the niche as the company has made strides in the industry in no time. The KBJ Bullion application facilitates not only easy but also hassle-free buying and selling of bullion with features including a market watch, which minimizes risks and incentivizes patrons. The company's annual turnover is 3000 CRORES, all thanks to its success with online trading.

In 2017, KBJ Group was known as the king of the bullion market, and they aim to promote the sale of high-quality gold coins. Besides being in the bullion industry, the KBG group has also been a part of the real estate industry. It has completed two residential complex construction projects and two hotel construction projects in Varanasi, Goa, and Mumbai. The company’s two projects in Bangalore and Goa are likely to be completed by next year.