A man that reminisces moments in life that speak all about himself is none other than Mohit Kamboj. He started his journey from the minor pavements of life as he was a small-town boy hailing from Varanasi and hats off to his hard work and consistent persistence. He is now Indian Bullion and Jewellery Association. The successful businessman has come a long way, even in the eventful times.

Mohit Kamboj: The mastermind’s budding steps to success:

Mohit Kamboj is genuinely a man of various talents and his story as inspiring as his success. Above all, our present is all about what we did in the past, and Mr. Mohit’s childhood is all about the hustle.  Where his father had a well-established Jewellery business and wholesale goods shop, so Mr. Mohit Kamboj grew up in training and influence, which led to so much success in the niche. Even today, he talks about his admiration for his father’s keen business sense. Additionally, his father means the world to him as he has taught him the ins and outs of the trade.

The mastermind businessman was pretty curious besides being a risk-taker since a young age. So once he gained the basics of business, he decided to move away from his home. Though it was pretty challenging to move away from his parents, he didn't stop and achieved his dreams no matter what. In 2002 he finished his bachelor's in commerce and economics from one of Mumbai's leading colleges. After his education was over, he started his own company known as KBJ Group.

A simple start to a grand success:

Mohit Kamboj is the CEO and founder of KBJ Group, and the private conglomerate firm tends to be spread out in a plethora of sectors, including bullion, jewelry, entertainment, real estate, and hospitality. Recently his wife Aksha Kamboj has also joined the family-run business as a board member.

Ideally, KBJ Group is one of the leading family-owned businesses of Mumbai, and even today, it aims at diverse branches. It has at least 101-250 employees currently. Besides being a great businessman, Mr. Mohit Bharatiya is also a doting father to two kids. He aims to pass on the same value and knowledge that his father gifted to his children. Above all, he is also a great leader for the KBJ group.